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The Port Austin Sabbatarian Community

At the tip of Michigan’s geographical thumb, a few Sabbatarians—Christians who observe the seventh day Sabbath rest—began gathering in 2004. Their purpose was to form a multi-denominational community that would become a light to the world, an open community that has the ability to care for elderly Sabbatarians, a model community able to educate Sabbatarian youth, a vibrant community that encourages business men and women to relocate to the thumb. This community remains in its infancy. It remains the dream of the Sabbatarians who have come. It retains its promise as its foundations solidify.

The community invites all Sabbatarians who desire to relocate to consider the tip of Michigan’s thumb. Once many lighthouses lined these shores of Lake Huron—global positioning satellites have turned these lighthouses into curios. But a global positioning system with Christ Jesus as its head has returned and will return many beacons of light to this region.

The Sabbatarians at Port Austin are not of one denomination, or of one church. They are united into a community through the day on which they rest—and they will feed and become the spiritual reality of the seven churches on that ancient mail route through Asia Minor. They will, as individual arks of the new covenant, be as the seven pairs of clean animals that entered Noah’s Ark when the Son of Man is revealed (Luke 17:26–30).

There have been many religious communities in America’s history. Some have lasted for generations. Others have ended in disaster. New England was founded by Dissenters who sought to separate themselves from the polluting influence of a corrupt church with its politicized ministry. Early 18th-Century Sabbath-keeping in Pennsylvania established a community that, a half-century later, ministered to the medical needs of George Washington’s army. America’s religious communities produced the simplicity of furniture design appreciated today, fueled the underground railroad, opened the desolate Inter-mountain West. And one more community is forming that will straddle this world and the world to come.

The community intends to collectively promote itself, and promote the products and services of its members.

For more information about the community and about the tip of Michigan’s thumb, Contact Us.

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Port Austin Sabbatarian Community

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