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About Us

The Port Austin Sabbatarian Community® is the informational arm of the associated seventh-day Sabbath observing ministries and industries located in and around Port Austin, Michigan. The fundamental uniting belief of the associated ministries and industries is that the Sabbath is a sign distinguishing those holy ones who are of God and are known of God (Exod 31:13, 17) from the remainder of the world; that this sign remains for all who will enter into God’s rest (Heb 4:9); that this sign will separate those who "say they are Jews but are not" (Rev 3:9) from obedient disciples. As such, the Sabbath divides Christendom, separating the followers of the Papacy in Rome and of the Prophet in Salt Lake City from those disciples who mentally leave the land of their nativity and move to the land of promise where they live as spiritual Judeans.

The associated ministries and industries that comprise the Community welcome additional members. A nominal membership fee ($25 for the year 2005) entitles associates to promotion on all of the related websites, and in most of the professional flyers. This fee is waved for the year that a ministry or business relocates to the Port Austin area.

In addition, the Community offers gratis to new members its accrued marketing expertise. The Community stands ready to assist—to the limits of its financial ability—prospective members in relocating to the Port Austin area.

The continued success of the Community requires community growth.

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